HVAC Duct Pressure Testing


A duct test being performed in a hallway

HVAC Duct Pressure Testing

One of the systems in a  homes is the duct systems. Tied in to the HVAC air handler, furnace and/or air conditioning. According to the EPA many existing homes have up to 30% leakage. That’s 30 dollars lost for every 100 dollars worth of conditioned air bought. One of our areas that we do is testing the tightness of HVAC systems and ducts. Many leaky system can be tightened up with mastic and tape and it won’t take long to recoup the money used to have the testing and retro fits. Duct tightness pressure testing will save a lot of conditioned air through Manometerthe life of the home. Code Compliance The State of Alabama has adopted new energy codes that will bring leakage standards up and new construction will be tighter. Newport Builders does testing for HVAC contractors and home builders. We are a certified HERS rater and BPI qualified to do pressure testing for code compliance with state and municipal entities. We work with the Alabama HVAC commission for forms and protocol. HVAC duct pressure testing is a great way to conserve energy. It is thought that existing home can have up to 30% leakage into the attic or crawlspaces. So is you buy a $100 worth of conditioned air you could loose $30.

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