Energy Efficient Home Building


Energy Efficient Home Building

On Demand/Tankless Water Heaters

One of the newest features we have incorporated into our homes is the tankless water heater. A conventional storage tank is keeping water hot all day while everyone is at work or school.The on demand water heater instantaneously heats water for the homeowner as the valve is turned on.This make a great savings over time and its real hard for that teenager to run out the hot water.  This is one of the many energy efficient residential construction products we use and endorse.

Radiant Roof BarrierRBarrierInsulation

One of the best features in new high performance home construction is radiant roof barrier or decking. The wood roof decking is coated with metal film on the attic side of the home. This will reflect the suns radiant heat and reduce the attic temperature as much as 30 degrees. Since the HVAC and most of the duct work in the attic this will increase the performance and the efficiency of the home.

??????????High SEER Air Conditioning

For better efficiency and economy, we increased the SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of our A/C units. The units we install in our homes are 14+ SEER which will increase the performance and comfort. As we increase the efficiency rating economy is increased.

High Efficient Furnace??????????

All of our new construction home as well as upgrades on existing homes we install 90%+ efficient gas furnaces. These heating units do not have a flue pipe as most conventional furnaces do. So much of the fuel is used very little exhaust is given off and a simple pvc pipe is used for the exhaust. This makes for better performance.

Dow Exterior InsulationExterior Insulation

For added insulation we have added an half inch layer of rigid insulation and taped the seams. Normal fiberglass batt insulation is installed in the wall cavities during construction. The 2X4 wall studs are able to conduct heat in or out of the home. The rigid insulation will give continuous protection from heat conductance and taping the joints will help air seal the home. This step helps make the home high performance.


Heat Pump Water Heaterphoto (4)

One of the newest efficiency features to come to the building world is the electric heat pump water heater. This work more like a heat pump HVAC unit than a burner element. This water heater is very efficient and has the highest efficiency rating even though it has a storage tank.

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